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Kinnser Agency Manager® is the most widely used home health software. We are passionate about helping our customers successfully increase their efficiency, grow profit, improve communication, and coordinate care for their patients. We have a 99% customer retention rate, and here are a few of the great reasons why.

  • Ease of Use: We designed Kinnser® with real people and real processes in mind. To ensure our software is intuitive and easy to use, we actively gather feedback from numerous agencies.
  • Web-Based, Fully Mobile: Kinnser is accessible 24/7 on all of your connected devices (tablets, laptops, phones) so that you can always be on top of what’s happening in your business.
  • Comprehensive: We combine everything your home health agency needs into one convenient application, streamlining tasks, improving communication, and facilitating collaboration.

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Kinnser Agency Manager software is the easy-to-use technology that makes your agency more efficient, from point-of-care to filing medicare claims.

Intake & Scheduling

Optimize intake, eligibility checks, and calendar management with Kinnser's home health software, Agency Manager.

  • Receive Referrals Seamlessly and Securely

    Use the national standard in encryption to receive referrals and securely exchange healthcare data with hospitals, providers, and other referral sources.

  • Manage Authorizations and Eligibility

    Agency Manager makes authorization tracking easier than ever. Medicare eligibility is run upon intake and every week of the patient's episode. Any changes in status are automatically sent to the patient's care team

  • See All Visits by Disciplines on One Calendar

    Rely on a single calendar view to effectively coordinate care and ensure caregiver schedules are optimized to produce the best outcomes for your patients.

  • Give Flexibility Back to Your Clinicians

    Allow trusted clinicians to move visits around within the Medicare work week, increasing caregiver satisfaction while maintaining appropriate frequencies.

  • Schedule Entire Episodes of Care in Seconds

    Automatically pull frequencies from the OASIS to make scheduling by discipline quick, easy, and exact, saving your agency time, money, and valuable resources.

Kinnser Agency Manager simplifies daily tasks to make delivery of care more collaborative and compliant.

Delivery of Care

Prioritize exceptional patient care with Agency Manager’s collaborative and intuitive charting solutions.  

Finally, Coordinate Care Across Your Agency with HIPAA-Compliant Messaging.

Transform coordination of care with our HIPAA-compliant messaging system, Kmail™. Clinicians have the ability to attach messages to the correct patient's chart to document care coordination.

Send secure patient communications, track read receipts, and link to the patient chart for seamless collaboration.

Simplify Daily Schedules, Tasks, & Documentation for Clinicians.

Simplify your clinicians' daily schedules using Agency Manager’s Hotbox™. The Hotbox shows your staff where they need to be and saves time by attaching any relevant documents for pending visits.

Clinicians also love Agency Manager’s simple, recognizable classical documentation. With Kinnser Link®, they can even continue to document offline when there's no internet access.

Gain Real-Time Oversight with Electronic Visit Verification.

Know the status of every home health visit in real time with Kinnser VisitVerify®, the optional electronic visit verification solution that works with Kinnser Agency Manager. Easily capture patient signatures, along with the date, time and location of home health visits — directly into your Kinnser electronic health record (EHR).

Kinnser RiskPoint helps home health agencies reduce hospitalizations and Kinnser Agency Manager simplifies scheduling and charting!

Kinnser Agency Manager's QA Manager dashboard makes your agency's quality assurance process customizable and more efficient.Quality Assurance

Streamline and accelerate quality assurance for every department and employee in your business while improving quality.

  • Tailor QA to Your Agency and Your Staff: Focus your QA resources where you need them most. With Agency Manager, QA can be scaled up or down by clinicians to keep quality high without overwhelming your QA staff.
  • Route Documentation Automatically: Allow clinicians to finish documentation quickly, without adding extra steps or returning to the office. Once completed, documents are automatically routed to the appropriate QA team member for review.
  • Identify OASIS Issues in Real-Time: Maximize reimbursements, improve accuracy, and save time by ensuring all claims have the correct OASIS data prior to submission to CMS.
  • Stay Survey-Ready & Compliant: Be ready for surveys whenever they happen. Kinnser makes it easy to permission the surveyor with the appropriate system access, so the process is fast, smooth, and efficient.

Filing Claims

Expedite the claims process for Managed Care and Medicare patients to shorten and improve your revenue cycle.

Process Claims Faster and More Accurately

Agency Manager's stoplight status system clearly shows when the first billable visit has been completed, along with the OASIS and the 485. Eligibility is automatically verified throughout the episode and any changes are attached to the patient's chart.

Know Authorization Status at All Times

Rely on Agency Manager's authorization tracking process to know the status of each patient at any moment in time.

Batch and Submit Claims with One Simple Workflow

Batch and generate claims as soon as the Visits, Orders, and EOE worksheet is complete. Export the claim batch with the click of a button to then submit electronically or manually.

Kinnser Agency Manager allows you to easily track your home health agency's financial performance, including medicare payments, revenue and profits.

Financial Reporting

Analyze, assess, and continuously improve the performance of your business with Kinnser's home health software.  

Automate Accrual Accounting

Run month-end hard close processes through Agency Manager to account for prior period adjustments, payments, and deferred revenue. Hard close one or many agency locations at the same time, making month-end easier than ever.

Understand Performance Across Locations

For agencies with multiple locations, you can see how each location is performing and how the business is performing in aggregate. Flexible reporting powered by Tableau allows for customization and visualization at every level.

With Kinnser Agency Manager, accounting and financial reporting for your home health business have never been easier.

Gain Financial Clarity with Daily Reports

With Agency Manager’s reports and dashboards get immediate insight into Accounts Receivable Roll Forward Amounts, Adjustments to Revenue, Cash Reconciliation, Deferred Revenue Adjustments, and Assets and Liabilities.

Accelerate Revenue Cycles with Dashboards

Dashboard widgets display order pending signatures, past due visits, unprocessed EOEs and everything in between to keep your staff up to date, improving cash flow, profitability, and margin. Expand your reporting capabilities with the advanced analytics of Kinnser Business Insights®.

Extend the Power of
Kinnser Agency Manager
with These Additional Solutions


Enable clinicians to work anywhere, even when they’re disconnected from the web.



Prevent hospitalizations by identifying high-risk cases with predictive analytics.


Kinnser Business

Use data to answer the toughest questions and make decisions with confidence.



Verify home care visits with a simple patient signature at point of care.


See Why Agencies Love Kinnser!

"We wanted to go paperless, we wanted point of care, and we wanted a software that would position us for growth. Kinnser delivered all that and more."
John Peña
Healthy Horizons Homecare & Hospice
"Kinnser makes it very easy for me to be more successful at what I do as an owner and as a leader... Honestly, I think Kinnser is awesome. I would absolutely recommend Kinnser."
Becky Richardson
Owner & Vice President
Beyond Faith Homecare & Rehab
"The biggest return on investment that Kinnser has given our agency is the ability to run more efficient, productive processes that ultimately result in a happy staff and timely billing."
Donald Lirette
Bayou Home Care
"As the chief clinical officer, I can use Kinnser’s dashboard feature to monitor documentation times on the go using my iPad."
Kristyn Gall, APRN, BC, NP
Chief Clinical Officer
Optimal Care, Inc.
"Kinnser is the heart & soul of our company. I can show our doctors, case managers, and referral sources that we are capable of giving them quality service, as well as quality information."
Jun Espano
Platinum Home Health Care, Inc.
"Kinnser gives me the peace of mind that I can log in at any point in time and go into the financial information and know exactly how we’re doing."
Nick Williams
Chief Operating Officer
Central Louisiana Home Health Care
“The DON’s used to chase clinicians around for their paperwork. Now, we can easily keep track of all the patient information, and clinicians submit their notes twice as fast.”
Cyndi Kenison
Director of Nursing
Best Home Health & Hospice
"I have increased my census by 20% with no additional staff because of the efficiency that Kinnser brings to my agency."
Mary Wunderlich, RN
Director of Nursing
Transcare Home Health Services
"Kinnser makes it so much easier for me to do everything that I need to do."
Kelly Seales,
President & Billing Supervisor
Beyond Faith Homecare & Rehab