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Success Stories

CareForum 2019: The WellSky (formerly Kinnser) User Conference

Prepare for 3 days of education, inspiration, and innovation. CareForum 2019 is the conference designed to help post-acute health care professionals achieve their goals. Sept. 9-11 in Kansas City, Missouri
Success Stories

Providence Home Care of Florida Improves Clinical Notes with Kinnser Link®

Clinicians at Providence Home Care of Florida had a hard time submitting documentation without internet. Kinnser Link® helped them work smarter, not harder.

Success Stories

Warm Heart Home Health, Inc. Has a Successful Startup with Kinnser Agency Manager®

Family owned and operated, Warm Heart Home Health is a home health agency success story. See why they chose Kinnser Agency Manager® in the start-up process.

Success Stories

Best Home Health & Hospice Streamlines Business & Clinical Processes with Kinnser®

Paperwork was costing Best Home Health & Hospice time and resources. It was time to go digital and get efficient with Kinnser Agency Manager®.
Success Stories

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See how thousands of post-acute agencies have improved delivery of care, while increasing efficiency and profitability with Kinnser.
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Kinnser Customers Are Over-Achievers.



Kinnser's home health care software simplifies daily tasks and improves productivity and workflows for more than 4,000 agencies.



Improve your home health care agency's billing process. Kinnser software can help your agency process medicare claims faster and increase revenue.



Kinnser's robust, real-time scheduling can help your home health care agency easily plan and track scheduled visits faster.


Faster Care

Kinnser Software makes your documentation processes faster, so it's easier for your home health care agency to stay in compliance with HIPAA.

See Why Agencies Love Kinnser!

"We wanted to go paperless, we wanted point of care, and we wanted a software that would position us for growth. Kinnser delivered all that and more."
John Peña
Healthy Horizons Homecare & Hospice
"Kinnser makes it very easy for me to be more successful at what I do as an owner and as a leader... Honestly, I think Kinnser is awesome. I would absolutely recommend Kinnser."
Becky Richardson
Owner & Vice President
Beyond Faith Homecare & Rehab
"The biggest return on investment that Kinnser has given our agency is the ability to run more efficient, productive processes that ultimately result in a happy staff and timely billing."
Donald Lirette
Bayou Home Care
"As the chief clinical officer, I can use Kinnser’s dashboard feature to monitor documentation times on the go using my iPad."
Kristyn Gall, APRN, BC, NP
Chief Clinical Officer
Optimal Care, Inc.
"Kinnser is the heart & soul of our company. I can show our doctors, case managers, and referral sources that we are capable of giving them quality service, as well as quality information."
Jun Espano
Platinum Home Health Care, Inc.
"Kinnser gives me the peace of mind that I can log in at any point in time and go into the financial information and know exactly how we’re doing."
Nick Williams
Chief Operating Officer
Central Louisiana Home Health Care
“The DON’s used to chase clinicians around for their paperwork. Now, we can easily keep track of all the patient information, and clinicians submit their notes twice as fast.”
Cyndi Kenison
Director of Nursing
Best Home Health & Hospice
"I have increased my census by 20% with no additional staff because of the efficiency that Kinnser brings to my agency."
Mary Wunderlich, RN
Director of Nursing
Transcare Home Health Services
"Kinnser makes it so much easier for me to do everything that I need to do."
Kelly Seales,
President & Billing Supervisor
Beyond Faith Homecare & Rehab