Real Agencies, Real Stories: Census Under 100

See how Kinnser helped Beacon Home Health stay survey-ready even after its office was damaged by a hurricane.

Video Transcript

Lora Mayes, RN – Administrator/CEO, Beacon Home Health Agency:

“We take care of seniors in the home, basically anything they may need. Our total focus is to help them maintain their independence. We have about 62/64 patients. We do take some insurance clients, not just Medicare patients.  I've been in the industry 20 plus years so obviously I love it.

I just really think it’s a bad idea for anybody to run a home health agency without a computer program. If you had Kinnser you would be able to be more effective and efficient. You wouldn’t have to play the ‘guessing game.’ 

One of the biggest things about being in this industry is the way you present when a surveyor walks in the door. Being that the first thing they ask for is the patient roster, that, in itself, would sell Kinnser for me. I want us to be survey ready, and Kinnser helps us be survey ready. 

You have to know what’s going on in your agency in real time. You need to know day to day what you’ve accomplished and what you haven't. With the Kinnser system, you can look at the whole picture of the patient right in front of you. You don’t have go to one area, one chart for this — we used to have a billing chart and a clinical chart and all of that. So everything is combined. You don’t have to go from area to area to find what you need. 

The Monday morning after (Hurricane) Ike, when my office manager made it to the office, the outside of the building looked totally intact. But once we got inside, there was water everywhere. None of the clinical charts were damaged. Everything was in Kinnser. Any other way, it would have been a disaster — starting over from square one. 

If you’re considering a computer software program for your home health agency, I would strongly encourage you to consider Kinnser because it’s user-friendly. We know that, unfortunately, we are in an industry that has high turnover, and so we don’t want to spend a lot of money training someone how to use a program. Their (Kinnser’s) training classes are free. They don’t charge for that. And so you send your new employee there, and then we have the manual, and then they have everything that’s online. They also have a tremendous staff that, whenever you call, they’re very responsive. 

So… I can't even put a price on it. For me, it’s a tremendous blessing. I don’t even… I can't even envision my agency without it.”