Real Agencies, Real Stories: Census Over 400

See how Kinnser improves cash flow and care coordination for IPR, a very large home health agency in Houston, Texas.

Video Transcript

Elena Crawford Billing Manager, IPR Healthcare System, Inc.:

“IPR Healthcare System, Inc. is, of course, a home health agency. We provide services like nursing and therapy services and home health aide services also. We have over 100 employees now, 400 patients — a very large agency, very large. Without Kinnser, I do not know how we are going to operate and how we will be able to produce what we want to produce efficiently and cost-effectively.”

Lynette Owens, LPTA – Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant/Community Liaison, IPR Healthcare System, Inc.:

“It’s everything that I do.  I wake up in the morning… I get on my email… I go to Kinnser. I find out what my patients did yesterday, if a nurse was at a patient’s house. If I'm scheduled to see a patient, I can look on there and see — it will actually say from the nurse, ‘Don’t go see so-and-so today because they’ve got a doctor’s appointment at 2:00 o'clock. If you're gonna go, go before 12:00.’ Those are things that I wouldn't have gotten during the night, but the nurse that sat down to do her notes, put them in Kinnser. I was able to read it first thing in the morning, so then I can reschedule my visit.”

Elena Crawford:

“We can also do the scheduling of the nurses and also therapy. We can see everything right away, and everything is done so fast. We do not have any problem as far as compliance.”

Lynette Owens, LPTA:

“Using Kinnser makes me feel like it’s who I am as a therapist.

I go in to see a patient, and if there’s any vitals that are different, or if there’s anything that I feel a nurse needs, or if they need a bedside commode, or they need a wheelchair… instead of constantly calling the office and leaving a message for somebody, I can just get on Kinnser and I can log in and say, you know, ‘Please order this for this patient.’”

Elena Crawford:

“There is a message in our inbox or K box that will tell me, ‘ERN Ready to View.’ And so all I have to do is to go ahead and open it and… oh, it’s just again, another amazing thing! I just have to check which ones were paid from our claims, and then just go ahead and post it. I think this is the easiest software ever.”

Lynette Owens, LPTA:

“I tell my physicians, you know, ‘We have a website, and we have a program — a software — that we use.’ And I tell them it’s Kinnser, and we’re able to communicate. We don’t just admit your patient and then a nurse goes out three days later and then therapy goes out a week later. We’re actually able to get that referral over — it’s put in Kinnser immediately, then it’s sent out to everybody and it just… it just makes everything work so well together. I love to tell my physicians about it! I use it as a tool for my case managers, and I think it just works great.”

Elena Crawford:

“It is really like a heavy interaction with one another just using Kinnser alone. Yes… it is the life of IPR. Kind of a bloodline for us.”

Lynette Owens, LPTA:

“When I tell you that I don’t know what I would do without Kinnser, I honestly mean that. It’s my calendar and my book — my bible. And without it, I have no idea what I'd be doing! I don’t know what I did before it. That’s amazing, but I don’t know what I’d do without it right now, honestly. And I don’t ever want to know what I'd do without it!”