Real Agencies, Real Stories: Census 200

See how Kinnser’s reports and dashboards help Chicago-based Comprehensive Quality Care improve patient outcomes in this conversation with Co-Owner/Chief Operating Officer Joanne Glenn, RN.

Video Transcript

Joanne Glenn, RN Co-owner/Chief Operating Officer, Comprehensive Quality Care:

“We are Joint Commission accredited, which we worked hard for, very proud of that. We’re certified by the state of Illinois. We currently serve about 200 seniors that are all homebound. We have a staff about 40 nurses, PTs, speech, OT, social workers, diagnosis. And we’re located in the south loop of Chicago, so we go into areas that there is a gap in service delivery.

We meet patients where they are, make sure we do health education and make a difference in the outcomes. Now since we’ve been on Kinnser, which has been about since ’08, it’s made a tremendous difference in outcomes, my staffing patterns and just monitoring everything we do. With (Kinnser) Agency Manager™, I can go directly into a computer anywhere, thank goodness, and see what’s going on — get a quick snapshot of my staff, my patients, my outcome, my reports.

We were (on) paper for four years prior to that. I don’t know how we made it! 

It’s just unbelievable. The time-savings and the efficiency. I've learned from (Kinnser) Agency Manager™ that we can flag our patients by diagnoses. We’re able to measure them quicker, easier and make adjustments in the middle if we have to on the plan of care for the patient to get better. So that whole chart that we used to have — me being a nurse for a long time, over 30 years — is no longer an issue. Notebooks, iPads — it’s web based so it’s been really good. 

Their new dashboard is fabulous because you can get a bird’s eye view of diagnoses, past due, everything you need. So the dashboard has been very helpful, again saving time and being able to adjust and know what needs to be done at your agency with your population that’s served.

I've been able to manage my time better. I've been able to watch our patients grow and be able to take better care of my staff. So it’s been a winning situation.”