My Kinnser: Custom Home Health

Kinnser Software helps clinicians at Custom Home Health spend more time with patients and less time tracking down information or following up on documentation needs.

Video Transcript

Chris Tillotson – Owner, Custom Home Health:

“Kinnser® was hands-down the right choice for us. And I can say with confidence that Kinnser is an excellent option for you. From a clinical perspective, we are using what we believe to be the top — or one of the top — EMR systems in the marketplace, which allows us to use it for recruiting. It also allows us to be confident in what we’re giving our clinicians.

It covers all aspects what an EMR system needs to do.”

Sue Ciaglia – Clinician, Custom Home Health:

“Kinnser is so easy. That’s probably the main attraction. It’s easy to navigate. It’s complete. When we have other clinicians come on board, they’re actually surprised at how easy it is and how quick it is to learn. Kinnser makes my life easier every day.”