My Kinnser: Central Louisiana Home Health Care

See how Kinnser Software’s financial reporting helps billers at Central Louisiana Home Health Care improve business performance.

Video Transcript

Nick Williams – Chief Operating Officer, Central Louisiana Home Health Care:

“We all are very, very busy in the home care industry, particularly your billers. Kinnser® has brought us from the Stone Age to the Modern World. 

Kinnser gives me the peace of mind that I can log in at any point in time, go into financial information and know exactly how we’re doing — identify issues before they become major problems, check orders, Face-to-Face, how our clinicians are doing and the timeliness of their documentation, and also how well our office staff is doing in turning that information around. 

Creating claims in Kinnser is incredibly fast. Being able to see exactly where your claim is and knowing exactly where you are in the process with easy green checkmarks versus red X’s has made our billers operate much, much more efficiently.

It gives you the financial clarity that we’ve all been looking for, which is very, very important to us all in accrual accounting. 

Kinnser allows your clinicians to be more effective and better at their work. And whenever they are more effective and better at their work, the agency thrives. Your stars are able to shine. You’ll see your best clinicians and your best office staff are able to way outperform what they were previously doing.”