My Kinnser: Beyond Faith Homecare & Rehab

With Kinnser Software, agencies such as Beyond Faith can bill the same day and have a complete picture into what has been billed, what has been paid and what they are still waiting on.

Video Transcript

Kelly Bliss – Billing Supervisor, Beyond Faith Homecare & Rehab:

“What I like most about Kinnser Software® is Kinnser just makes it so much easier for me to do everything that I need to do.  With other systems, you have to work hours and days to get things ready because the system is not available. With Kinnser the system is available, it’s accessible to everyone.  The nurses can get their notes signed, and you can bill the same day.

Kinnser has impacted cash flow because it saves a tremendous amount of time.”

Becky Richardson – Owner & Vice President, Beyond Faith Homecare & Rehab:

“Kinnser® makes it very easy for me to be more successful at what I do as a business owner and as a leader. 

I'm an owner of multiple companies and I am able to see at my fingertips, on a daily basis, exactly what’s going on from a nursing standpoint, a therapy standpoint, and aide standpoint.  I can manage my agency better financially because of this. And have a better grasp on what’s going on without me physically having to be in each office. 

Honestly, I just think Kinnser’s awesome.  I would absolutely recommend Kinnser.  I think they’re fantastic.”