My Kinnser: Bayou Home Care

Learn why Bayou Home Care Co-Owner Donald Lirette, RN depends on Kinnser Software's user-friendly, complete solution.

Video Transcript

Donald Lirette, RN – Co-Owner, Bayou Home Care:

“My name is Donald Lirette, owner of Bayou Home Care in South Louisiana. I am constantly promoting Kinnser Software® to my friends that own agencies. 

Return on Investment is often measured in dollars, but for us the biggest return on investment Kinnser has given our agency is the ability to run more efficient productive processes that ultimately result in a happy staff and timely billing.

I love Kinnser because Kinnser is a great software partner for agencies looking to increase efficiency and productivity. Kinnser has given me — and our team — the ability to stay connected no matter where we may be. With Kinnser, I can even stay connected in the duck blind if needed. 

I would just like to stay thanks to Kinnser for being so committed to their customers and their customers’ needs.”