Kinnser Customers Speak Out

Real customers explain how Kinnser improves collaboration, enhances productivity and transforms data into actionable information for better decisions.

Video Transcript

Rob Rodriguez – Owner, Access Quality Therapy Services:

“Kinnser’s enabled me to leapfrog all my competitors.”

Joel Stotts – Owner/Chief Technology Officer, Alpha Omega Home Health Services:

“It’s allowed us to speed up our billing probably about double.”

Elcee Cortez – Executive Vice President, Dominion Care Home Health:

“Very user friendly.”

Randall Lightfoot – Billing/Alternate Administrator, New Dimensions Home Health Care:

“One word: easy.”

Rob Rodriguez:

“When I had my managers together, and we were talking about going to an electronic medical record system, everybody was crying about how long this system would take, and they were whining and pining. And we estimated this thing would take at least six months to nine months to even get ramped up with all our employees. We've got about 56 employees spread out through about eight counties. So you know, just bringing people in for training, that kind of stuff, we thought it would take a long time to do, but it took virtually about a month to get this all done. 

It’s enabled me to expand my operations beyond the geographic boundaries of where I'm at right now. There’s not a lot of hardware that attaches to it. Basically, it’s a laptop and a WiFi system. So if you’ve got a Starbuck’s, you’ve got a Kinnser system. I think it’s totally awesome.”

Joel Stotts:

“We went from a far more monolithic program — standard, hold the server, house the server. Now, we know that we've got geographic disparity between where the backups are held. I don’t have to worry about that data really nearly as much as I used to. I can access the data anywhere in the world.” 

Ekaete Expo, RN – Director of Nursing, Human Touch Home Health, Inc.:

“There’s no more complaining about having to drive to the office. I mean… they just zip their notes, and we just look through it… and you don’t have to deal with terrible handwriting because now you can see the words. 

It’s very efficient because, I mean, you manage everything very smoothly from Admission to QA… everything’s just efficient.”

Ruth Gurka – Owner/Administrator, AMA Home Care:

“Kinnser came along, and now we have all of our information current… everything’s complete at day’s end when we admit a client in the morning. So it’s been wonderful, and I highly recommend it to anyone.”

Comfort Ekpenyong – Executive Administrator, Human Touch Home Health, Inc.:

“The fact that you can access Kinnser Software anywhere in the world provides, you know, provides good time management — not to be tied down in any specific place at any time. From what I'm hearing from my nurses, they love it.”

Mary Gurka, MSW – Social Worker, AMA Home Care:

“We’re a small agency, so I do multiple roles. I can do my social work role… I can enter the billing… so I was able to learn different tasks in the computer very quickly. I'm able to learn and do all of those roles at one time and do different things — all in one software.”

Elcee Cortez:

“From intake to clinical, even to the QA process… OASIS and ICD coding is there, you know.  Everything is integrated in one whole system.

(It’s) very user friendly, not only to management staff, but to all the agency staff.”

Laura Lightfoot – Scheduling, New Dimensions Home Health Care:

“Kinnser really helps me with the scheduling as far as being able to easily get in contact with therapy companies that are also using Kinnser… as well as the nurses. 

You can work with it wherever you are.  It’s online, so you can be at home — even if you're on vacation or a business trip, whatever — you can still check in and see what the agency is doing.” 

Mercy Pelabo, RN – Director of Nursing, Trinity Home Health:

“It’s a very, very, very good program to be used in any agency. I would recommend using Kinnser at any time.

Without Kinnser, I don’t think I can be able to manage my people and do what I do as a nurse.”

Randall Lightfoot:

“One word: easy. It makes my job so much easier. To where people like me, who do wear multiple hats for an agency, can get the information… can get the job done.

Ruth Gurka:

We’re always current and we can show that our disciplines do have the information they need to do their jobs.”

Joel Stotts:

“No paper is ever lost. Nobody ever gets held behind for three weeks because rush patients come through. It’s allowed us to speed up our billing probably about double.”

Laura Lightfoot:

“We have actually quadrupled the census from when we initially had the first system, and Kinnser’s made it a whole lot easier.”

Mary Gurka, MSW:

Kinnser’s great I think!”

Rob Rodriguez:

“Kinnser’s enabled me to leapfrog all my competitors and get things done more efficiently. I'm billing a lot faster… I'm getting results a lot faster… documentation is coming in quicker… and that all translates to cash flow. The quicker I get in my cash flow, the better off I am, so that’s why I've got it.”

Randall Lightfoot:

“Very easy to learn.  Web-based — you can do it anywhere. I've worked with different applications — as far as competitors — and Kinnser just makes it easy.” 

Ekaete Expo, RN:

It’s a lifesaver.”