Introduction to Kinnser

Kinnser is the leading web-based software solution for home health agencies. From point of care to administration to billing, Kinnser helps make your agency better in every way.

Video Transcript


“Thank you for your interest in Kinnser Agency Manager™. We’d like to give you a quick preview of a few of Kinnser Agency Manager’s key features and let you hear from some of our customers. Kinnser is much more than software, it’s an effortless way of organizing information, an intuitive way of collaborating, a fast way of scheduling and so much more. All in all it’s a better way of working in home health.  It’s the complete home health software solution for point of care, billing and administration. 

At Kinnser we believe innovation should be easy to use. We listen to our users and are constantly making Kinnser even easier while adding more powerful functions.  Kinnser benefits every member of the home health team — clinical field staff, administrators, directors of nursing, billing and everyone in between. It improves collaboration, enhances productivity and informs better decisions. No other home health software makes so much power so easy to use.” 

Kathy N. – Compliance & QA Director:

“You can schedule all your OASIS and your visits. You can track your scheduling. You can do your billing.”

Bill D. – Business Manager:

“It’s very, very easy to use and very user-friendly, easy to teach.” 

Jill D. – Administrator:

“I think it allows us to coordinate our care much better. It allows us to know, everyone to know what’s going on with a patient.”


“Checking Medicare eligibility used to be time-consuming, but no more. At patient intake, Kinnser automatically checks Medicare eligibility. No phone calls, no waiting, no mistakes. Kinnser even remembers to recheck eligibility each week. If the status changes you’ll know. Better information means better decisions. 

And with Kinnser’s intuitive Dashboard, you’ll have access to information that’s not only accurate and up to date, but presented visually, so it’s easy to interpret. Choose the data sets you most want to track and there they are at the click of a button. Want to check past due visits or unprocessed orders? No need to run a report. It’s on the dashboard. 

How about billing? Kinnser has the easiest billing screen in the industry. Four green checks means your documents are in order, and you're ready to bill. It’s as simple as ‘green means go.’

Kinnser is software as a service, which means we manage the software and data for you on our secure, ultrafast servers. You access it over the Internet just like other secure websites. No software to install. No service to purchase. No upgrades to schedule. Tired of hassling with technology? With Kinnser you won't have to.  Software upgrades happen behind the scenes. And Kinnser is always current with new documentation requirements and forms because Kinnser is web based.

You'll have access to information in new and powerful ways. Anywhere, anytime access. And Kinnser's powerful programming transforms agency data into actionable information you can use immediately. Automated reports alert you when items need attention. Processes that once took hours, even days now take minutes. 

Getting started is simple. There’s no special equipment — only standard computers and Internet access. This makes Kinnser a perfect fit for agencies of all sizes. And as your agency grows, Kinnser grows with you. Kinnser adjusts to you, not the other way around. 

Kinnser Agency Manager is the secret to success in home health. 

There’s more exciting information to share, including details about our unlimited technical support and onsite training. We’re glad you're getting to know Kinnser Agency Manager. It’s innovation that’s easy to use.”