Frequently Asked Questions with Chris Hester, Kinnser’s President & Founder

Kinnser’s president & founder Chris Hester answers many of the most frequently asked questions about Kinnser Software.

Video Transcript

Chis Hester – President and Founder, Kinnser Software:

“(Kinnser) Agency Manager™ is a web-based application specifically designed for home health agencies. It is comprehensive of the clinical aspects of case management and patient charts and electronic medical record if an agency so chooses to use it in that way. It’s a comprehensive billing application. It’s an eligibility component. It’s payroll. It’s really a software application that’s designed to handle every aspect of a home health agency’s business. 

K-mail is pretty analogous to email. The K comes from Kinnser and it allows HIPAA-compliant messaging to occur, but it also allows us to append those messages to a patient’s chart. As you're doing an End of Episode review, for example, you have access to all the K-mails that have gone on back and forth about this patient.

It’s like email, but specific to our industry and specific to patient care. It’s a collaborative effort on top of the patient’s medical record. So, in a lot of ways, it’s analogous to email, and in a lot of ways a lot more powerful. It pushes a lot of data to the relevant people. 

In a patient’s episode, there’s a document called the 485. It’s the Plan of Care for a patient for 60-days. It’s telling everybody what they need to do for that patient for 60-days. Typically, those things get printed out and put in some kind of a box that a clinician comes and picks up once every couple weeks, maybe once, probably weekly. With (Kinnser) Agency Manager™, they have immediate access to that Plan of Care when they’re going to see the patient. So, if I'm going to see three patients tomorrow, I immediately have access to a Plan of Care, even if it was written yesterday. Everybody’s kept abreast of that information without any clerk or therapist or clinician having to do any extra work. So there’s an inherent collaborative effort. Clinicians have a better sense of their time; they have a better sense of their schedule. They can plan better. 

The application is very… the application pushes changes in a way so that I know something that changed. You know, if there’s something new on my schedule, it’s annotated differently from something that was on my schedule yesterday. So it kind of draws the eye to things that may have popped up, that are not all just there. And you know… something can't just sneak up on me, as well.

But it really gives them more ability to plan their day, to plan their week, to plan the care that they're going to provide for a patient. There’s no industry that’s better served by a web-based application than home health. The nature of home health is a distributed work environment. We’re seeing patients in their homes all over town, all over large cities. And the web allows access to information wherever those clinicians are, and, by definition, they’re all over the place.

Kinnser being easy to use is not by accident. It’s something that we started out knowing that had, you know, had to be true. Privacy and security fall in that same vein. I think a lot of people are surprised at how little effort is needed to bill. Claims have to fit inside black boxes, and all the puzzle pieces need to be there.

And what they’re really surprised by is how the puzzle pieces are all there for the billing, and that when things are missing, (Kinnser) Agency Manager makes it really easy to find out A) what’s missing, B) who’s responsible for what’s missing and you know, C) is pretty much how to fix that. 

(Kinnser) Agency Manager provides for collaboration inside a home health agency, but it also provides connectivity to payers, labs, therapy companies and physicians.

Kinnser Physician Access™ allows the right access for physicians to oversee and do the work that they need to do on behalf of patients in a home care setting. There are two events that a physician can bill for in a home health episode, and (Kinnser) Physician Access™ allows them to not only bill for that, but to keep a track record or a history of what they billed for audit purposes or… you know… down the road. So it really gives the physician the first look into — a deeper look into — a home health episode than they would have ever had in any other kind of setting.

(Kinnser) Agency Manager’s pricing allows for unlimited users. Because (Kinnser) Agency Manager is a collaborative tool, we did not want to set up a pricing system or pricing structure that competed with the way that we wanted the application to be used.”