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Run & Grow Your Agency with Kinnser® Home Care Software!

Kinnser ADL® was purpose-built 11 years ago to be the end-to-end solution that private duty home care agencies desperately needed. Today, Kinnser ADL makes caregiver management, client satisfaction, and back-office operations easier than ever, while helping home care businesses grow profitability, expand, and thrive. Here are some of the reasons private duty home care agencies trust our software with their businesses.

  • Web-Based, Fully Mobile: Kinnser ADL is accessible 24/7 on all of your connected devices (tablets, laptops, phones) so you can resolve issues when they arise, from where ever you are working — while ensuring security.
  • Affordable: With zero hosting fees, clunky servers to maintain, and costly upgrades that take days, rest assured that you are always on the most recent version of Kinnser ADL every time you login.
  • Comprehensive: We include everything your home care agency needs to be successful into one convenient product with easy-to-use portals for families and caregivers.

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Grow your private duty home care agency with Kinnser ADL, software that supports scheduling, real-time communications, and more.

Complete Mobility

Our web-based home care software lets you run your business from anywhere, 24/7. Save time, reduce stress, and stay in control.

  • Use Any Web-enabled Device to Run Your Agency

    Kinnser ADL is web-based home care software that lets you run your business from anywhere, whether you’re using an Android or Apple device, a tablet, phone, or PC.

  • Run your Business from Anywhere, 24/7

    With a mobile application that mirrors the main portal, you can schedule tasks, manage leads and referrals, communicate with staff, and look at reports—all from your mobile phone

  • Stay Up to Date on Alerts and Activities

    Whether a client cancels an appointment or a training event is happening soon, real-time alerts will keep you and your staff well-informed on any important changes or notifications.

  • Manage your Back-Office On the Go

    Assign or re-assign caregivers, manage client information, input new leads, and schedule visits from the mobile application on your phone.

Kinnser ADL's easy-to-use technology helps your private duty home care agency stay efficient with robust scheduling.

Scheduling and Operations

Bring scale and efficiency to your agency and ensure client satisfaction, caregiver satisfaction, and smooth communications between all parts of your business.  

Save Time With Robust Scheduling

Simplify shift management with the ability to build recurring or bulk shifts at once. If a visit has been scheduled for a client but the visit has not been assigned to a caregiver, Kinnser ADL will automatically send an alert.

Optimize Caregiver Matching

With smarter caregiver matching, you can provide better care by scheduling visits based on care plans, caregiver skills, client needs, proximity, and caregiver availability.

Accurately Log Visits and Activities

With the GPS Clock-In feature and built-in telephony, caregivers can provide proof of a visit in mere seconds, giving your agency greater transparency and accountability. 

Leverage Seamless Integrations

While Kinnser ADL has built-in CRM, HR, billing, and payroll features, the software is also integrated with Quickbooks, ADP, Paychex, Paychoice, Kronos, and many others, so you can export information easily. Kinnser ADL also has an exclusive partnership with 

Easily track and schedule private duty home care visits with Kinnser ADL software.


Because home care is a real-time business, home care agencies need software that supports real-time communications between families, care givers, and the home office.

Caregiver Portal

Put the right information in the right hands, at the right time. Caregivers can operate efficiently by managing care plans, notes, and activities at any time, using the software or mobile application.

Family Portal

Enable family members to monitor their loved one's progress, communicate directly with caregivers, doctors, or other family and friends about the status of a loved one with use of the Family Portal.

SMS and Group Texting

Use the main portal or the mobile application to send SMS messages or email alerts to caregivers, client family members, referral contacts, leads or staff. Within seconds, alert caregivers to last-minute changes, inform office staff of real-time happenings, and update emergency family contacts when their loved one's status changes.

Grow your home care and private duty business with Kinnser software!

Agency Growth

Get the insight and the scalable infrastructure you need to grow your business and profitability like never before.  

Manage Leads Proactively

Use Kinnser ADL to manage lead information and referral sources. Track lead sources, analyze lead-to-client conversion rates, and set reminders to follow-up with potential new lead opportunities.

Bill Efficiently

Bring scale to your back office with Kinnser Home Care Software. Generate invoices and track accounts receivable for clients and third-parties, track aging receivables, and report on everything from mileage to caregiver utilization.

Gain Clarity Into Your Business

Rely on robust reports and dashboards to make smarter decisions for your business. See daily revenue, referrals by source, profitability by client or caregiver, authorizations set to expire, estimated billing, and so much more.

Kinnser ADL supports private duty and home care businesses with easy-to-use financial tools, like customizable reports and dashboards.

The First Home Care Software With...

  • integrated telephony
  • a mobile GPS timecard
  • family portal
  • an iPhone & Android app
  • direct-from-software text capability

See Why Agencies Love Kinnser!

"We wanted to go paperless, we wanted point of care, and we wanted a software that would position us for growth. Kinnser delivered all that and more."
John Peña
Healthy Horizons Homecare & Hospice
"Kinnser makes it very easy for me to be more successful at what I do as an owner and as a leader... Honestly, I think Kinnser is awesome. I would absolutely recommend Kinnser."
Becky Richardson
Owner & Vice President
Beyond Faith Homecare & Rehab
"The biggest return on investment that Kinnser has given our agency is the ability to run more efficient, productive processes that ultimately result in a happy staff and timely billing."
Donald Lirette
Bayou Home Care
"As the chief clinical officer, I can use Kinnser’s dashboard feature to monitor documentation times on the go using my iPad."
Kristyn Gall, APRN, BC, NP
Chief Clinical Officer
Optimal Care, Inc.
"Kinnser is the heart & soul of our company. I can show our doctors, case managers, and referral sources that we are capable of giving them quality service, as well as quality information."
Jun Espano
Platinum Home Health Care, Inc.
"Kinnser gives me the peace of mind that I can log in at any point in time and go into the financial information and know exactly how we’re doing."
Nick Williams
Chief Operating Officer
Central Louisiana Home Health Care
“The DON’s used to chase clinicians around for their paperwork. Now, we can easily keep track of all the patient information, and clinicians submit their notes twice as fast.”
Cyndi Kenison
Director of Nursing
Best Home Health & Hospice
"I have increased my census by 20% with no additional staff because of the efficiency that Kinnser brings to my agency."
Mary Wunderlich, RN
Director of Nursing
Transcare Home Health Services
"Kinnser makes it so much easier for me to do everything that I need to do."
Kelly Seales,
President & Billing Supervisor
Beyond Faith Homecare & Rehab