Kinnser® Benefits Everyone
in Your Organization

Why Do DONs & QA Managers
Love Kinnser Software?

Kinnser Agency Manager® is the Complete Electronic Health
Record Solution for Directors of Nursing and QA managers.

  • Real-time access of entire patient charts from any web browser.
  • Faster QA and better, more usable documentation.
  • Automatic routing of documents for efficient workflow.
  • Improved communication with a unique, HIPAA-compliant messaging system: K-mail.
  • Survey-ready all the time. Stay organized. Stay current. Stay in compliance.
  • Easy data export for approved HH CAHPS survey providers.
  • Real control based on up-to-date information. Gain insight and take action with real-time reports, including:
    • Schedule report
    • Missed visit report
    • Past due report
    • License & certification tracking
  • A true Electronic Health Record (EHR) that meets CMS standards with connectivity to the complete continuum of care.