Kinnser® Benefits Everyone
in Your Organization

Why Do Agency Owners & Administrators
Love Kinnser?

Kinnser Agency Manager® is the Complete Management Solution
for Agency Owners and Administrators.

  • Anytime/anywhere monitoring of your agency and your patient’s status via the Internet.
  • A simple pricing structure: unlimited users, unlimited technical support, and unlimited enhancements at one price.
  • Removes the cost of acquiring servers and paying someone to maintain software updates.
  • Kinnser is the clinician's choice, and happy clinicians are more productive.
  • Real-time Dashboards that show the status of the most critical agency activities at a glance.
  • Online claims submission and ERN delivery with seamless connectivity to fiscal intermediaries.
  • Dramatic improvements in the time needed to complete and submit documentation. Clinicians complete and submit documents electronically at the point of care.
  • Improved patient care comes from better team collaboration through a proven, HIPAA-compliant system that makes the right information accessible to the right staff at the right time.
  • Enhanced marketing opportunities through Physician Access™, which allows physicians to refer patients and sign orders electronically.
  • Reduced IT & infrastructure costs. Kinnser is Web-based, so there’s no server to maintain.
  • Secure documentation online. If disaster strikes your agency, your files are protected.
  • A continuously updated application that helps keep your agency current and in compliance.
  • In person training, at your agency. Ongoing training opportunities always available for when you add new staff.
  • Survey-ready all the time. Stay organized. Stay current. Stay in compliance.
  • Easy data export for approved HH CAHPS survey providers
  • A true Electronic Health Record (EHR) that meets CMS “meaningful use” standards.