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CMS Delays Both Pre-Claim Review and New Conditions of Participation

   by Blair Stokes
Home health agencies across the nation — especially those in Florida and Illinois — can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that today CMS officially postponed both the effective date of the new Conditions of Participation (CoPs) and the rollout of Pre-Claim Review (PCR) in Florida, originally slated for April… Read more ›

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Top Home Health Care Resources to Jumpstart 2017

   by Blair Stokes
Navigating compliance changes in 2017 can be a challenge — even for the most efficient home health care agencies. At Kinnser, we know you have to contend with new regulations for OASIS-C2, Value-Based Purchasing, Pre-Claim Review, and more. We’re right there with you, delivering you the educational resources you need… Read more ›

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OASIS-C2: 5 Things You Need to Know

   by Jill Dyer, BSN, RN, HCS-D, HCS-O
OASIS-C2 is the new version of the OASIS data set, effective January 1, 2017. It is the beginning of CMS’s compliance with the Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act of 2014, also known as the IMPACT Act. The IMPACT Act requires CMS to develop and implement cross-setting patient assessments from… Read more ›

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Pre-Claim Review for Home Health: 5 Lessons from Illinois

   by Sharon S. Harder
Pre-Claim Review has been underway in Illinois since August 2016, and it will soon take effect in Florida starting April 1, 2017. It's also still planned to roll-out in three other states (Texas, Massachusetts, and Michigan) on a yet-to-be-determined schedule. Agencies in Illinois have learned valuable lessons from the Pre-Claim Review project.… Read more ›

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CMS Introduces 4 New G-Codes for 2017

   by Chip Schneider
NEW RESOURCE: Download Kinnser's G-codes tip sheet to learn more about the new codes and how to use them correctly. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued CR 9736 with an effective date of January 1, 2017. This policy change retires two existing G-codes and introduces four new… Read more ›

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ICD-10: Why Productivity Matters Now, More than Ever

   by Chip Schneider
There aren’t many things that healthcare consultants agree on, but here’s one: ICD-10 is going to take a big bite out of your productivity.  And there’s hard evidence to back up this opinion. In 2013, two large and influential organizations in healthcare IT—HIMSS (the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society)… Read more ›

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It Takes a Village to Prepare for ICD-10

   by Alex Moganti
The ICD-10 implementation date of October 1st is fast-approaching, but not everyone is ready to jump back into the preparation process. A recent Kinnser survey of 230 home health and hospice providers revealed that 66% of agencies feel that they are “not prepared at all” or “not as prepared as… Read more ›

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Dispelling the Myths Surrounding ICD-10

   by Alex Moganti
As of today, ICD-10 is set to be implemented on October 1, 2015. This mandated industry-wide change will affect everyone from providers to payers to software vendors. Home Health Agencies will be particularly vulnerable in the wake of the transition, since their reimbursement is directly tied to the codes they… Read more ›

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Can Your Home Care Agency Weather a Financial Storm?

   by Ginny Kenyon, RN, MN
Even the best-managed home health agencies experience ups and downs. Whether it’s due to an economic downturn or because some large clients decided to take their business elsewhere, you need to have a plan in place to make sure you can weather the storm. This, of course, includes having cash… Read more ›

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What the ICD-10 Delay Means For Your Home Health Agency

   by Ginny Kenyon, RN, MN
The news about the ICD-10 delay was a relief to plenty of home health care agencies. But the one-year delay shouldn’t be seen as a reason to postpone your preparations for the ICD-10 conversion. After all, the decision to push back the deadline was made for a good reason: to… Read more ›

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ICD-10 is Delayed. Are You Making the Mistake of Delaying Your Preparation?

   by Jennifer Warfield
The Senate’s recent vote to delay ICD-10 has taken the home health industry by storm and shock. I guess you could imagine my surprise and the surprise of other professionals in the medical industry when the House voted in favor of H. R. 4302, which stated that ICD-10 would be… Read more ›

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ICD-10 Delay – Keep Learning, Keep Smiling!

   by Barbara Rosenblum
With the U.S. Senate’s vote, ICD-10 conversion has now slipped a year. Some agencies are breathing asigh of relief while others are probably cursing under their breath. Just about everyone, though, will agree that the handwriting is on the wall (even if it’s in pencil, not ink) for a similar… Read more ›

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Growing Coders in 2014: Innovative Approaches Meet Ongoing Demand

   by Staff
This article by Torrey Barnhouse was originally published in ICD-10 Monitor. Click here to view original. Coder staffing has hit the proverbial brick wall. With thousands of coders consumed by ICD-10 training and thousands more actively involved in dual coding, clinical documentation improvement efforts, and end-to-end ICD-10 testing, hospitals and… Read more ›

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Is Your Agency Ready For the New Home Health Regulations?

   by Ginny Kenyon, RN, MN
The home health care industry will see several changes to regulations in 2014. Some of the compliance deadlines for these new home health regulations are right around the corner, so you want to make sure your agency is ready. Non-compliance can put you at risk for costly fines and other… Read more ›

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IADLs and ADLs: A Refresher On a Key Part of the OASIS

   by Karen Brooks
When assessing the need for therapy services in a home care patient, an extremely important piece of the puzzle is accurately assessing whether the patient can perform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs), experts say. ADLs and IADLs - specifically, knowing the difference between… Read more ›

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